About you

6a. about youx250How do we see our clients?

We do not ‘consult’ in the sense of the old paradigm. Our approach is to combine forces, to create synergy and to leverage on both our capabilities, experiences and insights. We aim to create a learning experience for you, the client, while we learn too. Through this process, we enable a journey of transformation.

Aspects of the journey are:
We prefer to build the bridge, while walking it, together. Client brings in industry knowledge, history, the cultural and strategic framework and change experience, while we challenge the paradigms, provoke new thoughts, bring in experiences from elsewhere, explore different horizons, and co-design the process of transformation. In a joint force, in constant dialogue, and mutually learning.

Change of strategy, systems and structures is necessary. But as Peter Drucker said “Culture has strategy for lunch”: in the end it boils down to your people, the extent to which they are engaged, inspired and skilled. Real change requires interrogation of beliefs, values, triggers, patterns and behaviours before one can begin to envision the new. This takes a determined, committed and open client.

Human systems can’t be approached mechanically, where one separates the parts in order to fix one of them. Transformation is by nature personal and systemic, if not holistic. Transformation therefore takes time; it can’t be implemented or rolled out. Instead, it’s a journey, with clear navigators and goals, but yet a process of exploration, learning and finally embedding. And where leaders lead the way and role-model the new.

Change holds most potential, while keeping the status quo is not only stultifying, it leads to stagnation. There is only one way to change: constant wonder, dialogue, learning, envisioning and embedding. This requires refraining from the often over-appreciated ‘managerial problem-solving and to stay silent…and listen.

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