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Just Get Connected!
Download the free Get Connected book: full of practical tools and designs for your cultural transformation proces!

Transforming Culture
A comprehensive guide to cultural transformation: business examples, key learnings and recommendations how to create your desired culture (source: Barrett Values Centre, Tor Eneroth and Ashley Munday)

Sisodia – Conscious Capitalism Presentation Cape Town 2012
aj Sisodia, co-author of Firms of Endearment and of Conscious Capitalism presented his inspiring views.

and his new book, must read:
Sisodia - Everybody MATTERS

Your free personal values assessment! Try it out and see which values are most dear to you and how you can raise your consciousness and live your values better. Also do this with your partner, fun!

The values-driven organisation
Richard Barrett’s signature presentation on the pivotal role of culture in organizations.

Old myths new myths
Why old change paradigms don’ t work, and what needs to be altered.

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