Facilitating transformation

7. fac transformationx250We support organizations that seek to unlock their potential through its people, its culture and its leadership.

Successful transformation is in our experience leader-led and personal. We therefore focus on individual leaders, their teams and the culture they envision to create or strengthen.


Characteristic for our approach is the fact that we build internal capability right from the start, to enable the organization to own and execute the follow-up independently, thereby creating sustainable change.


conscious capitalism


Our focus is to support leaders  to amalgamate a compelling purpose and vision, a strong culture, an engaging leadership style and inclusion of áll stakeholder interests.
This blend is the basis for conscious business, an approach that increases responsible and resilient business.



To manage culture and to strengthen leadership, we often use the Barrett Cultural Transformation Tools.
The Barrett Model & Tools not only provides a clear diagnosis, but also a transformational agenda.
The Cultural Transformation Tools measure and map your culture. Entropy is the extent to which Barrett-entropy is the measure of disengagement and the energy loss as a result of toxic cultures (429x640)
your culture is dysfunctional and to which it disengages your staff>>>
And your clients will experience that. Time to start assessing your culture, to improve leadership and increase your ROI -Return on Involvement.

Some business examples:

A smaller NGO in Geneva, confronted with leadership issues and a break-down in relationships, hardly able to deliver. We interviewed board and staff members to get the picture and measured their culture. In a weekend session with both board and staff members, the elephants in the room were surfaced and bold conversations took place. An emotional pour out, followed by co-creating a vision for the future. Leadership coaching completed the picture. Reset for the great work they do in the world.

A Netherlands business unit of a listed global IT player, seeking to improve performance and results. A visionary leader and people person, culture was the hook we leveraged on. More than a year of regular workshops improved the atmosphere, engagement (frankly, except for some hard core non believers) and the quality of the relationships in the management team. Performance improved, as well as cross-functional delivery.

A listed global financial institution set off to change the culture, to improve people and customer relations and to boost financial returns. Over the years many leadership teams have been facilitated, internal capability has been built, culture was ranked high on the agenda. They won the Employer of choice award in consecutive years, leadership is found more engaging and performance went up.

A refinery seeking to reduce casualties and near-misses embarked on a journey to increase safety leadership at the lowest management level. We co-designed and piloted an approach for safety leadership and ran two years of workshops with supervisors of both the refinery and the vast group of contractors. Although lots of challenges remained, the track record improved.

Global bank: we designed and facilitated 35 programmes worldwide to build “business partnership” in a function. We assessed the culture, enhanced partnership and as a side-effect build a sense of global community between people and branches. Delivery by a team of 14 of our network partners in 4 regions.

Large UK-based insurer: global project to initiate a culture change. Focus groups in 9 countries across 3 continents made sense of the assessment results, translated values into business behaviours and offered recommendations for action to local and group leadership. We did the job together with 7 network partners in Europe, USA and Asia.

Large elderly care organization in The Netherlands: we facilitated leadership conversations to increase open communication, to foster trust and honesty and so doing build stronger and more effective relationships.

Public organizations: several projects to boost competencies, leadership and cooperation to better serve the public.

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