Igniting leadership

8. igniting leadershipx250We ignite and enhance leadership in people. Our goal is to align people with their true purpose and to support them to act authentically and with confidence.
For leaders in organizations, we first focus on leading oneself, prior to leading others and leading organizations. The goal here is too to first interrogate the inner landscape from a perspective of personal leadership and then to support them to engage better and become more effective.


Leadership Teams
When it comes to supporting the leadership team(s), we often focus on the following aspects to increase awareness, build consciousness, align the (top)team alignment and to enhance strategic delivery.

Individual alignment:
personal alignment of values and behaviour, purpose and intentions, as well as triggers, fear-based beliefs

(Top)Team alignment
• The level of consciousness and the role of fear, beliefs and trust
• The quality of relationships
• The way conflicts are being dealt with
• The level of commitment
• The degree of accountability
• Vision, mission, culture and delivery

Business case study:
A global leadership team, directing the internal audit function, started a process to align performance and strengthen internal culture and relationships. During workshops we facilitated conversations to surface the elephants in the room and to better understand what blocked the flow and what was working well. We focused on personal attitudes, trust in the team, personal and collective leadership and we co-designed a way forward in terms of team alignment, culture and delivery.

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