Mission-vision-core values

2. Mission-visionx250Our vision: authentic and joyful people in thriving businesses and communities
Our mission: to ignite conscious and values-driven leadership

We aim to support the emergence of a values-driven and conscious society, of which business and organizations are an integral part. We aim for full spectrum personal leadership. By that we mean reducing fear-driven behaviours and belief systems and fuelling values-driven leadership, where individuals and teams consciously create their best possible future.

We hold the following core values:

• Provocative thought, provoking action
• We stimulate creative power through leveraging on our differences
• We challenge the status quo, exceed the obvious and make a difference

• We respect and include all stakeholders to create systemic change
• We work in a co-creative, learning way together with the client system
• We include ourselves in the learning through challenge and support.

• We act with integrity and exceed professional standards
• We stand for trust and honesty
• We embrace and support authenticity

• We operate from passion to enable transformation
• We are committed to our clients’ success and impacting the larger whole – and we truly rejoice in doing so.

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