Autumn & Spring

The mornings are cooler, the sun takes its rest earlier and the scent of autumn fills the air here at the southernmost tip of Africa. The sometimes ferocious wind has receded, just for a while, to come back with greater force in a month or two. For now, there’s a gentle stillness in the atmosphere, a seamless transition to autumn, a period of receding, of being grateful for what was, a time of letting go.

At the same time, spring arrived in The Netherlands, my birth place. The northern hemisphere is budding, full of the yet unknown,  the new wonders of life still to be unveiled, a fabric that the Universe is weaving which we’ll only discover in the coming period, if we’re open enough to see it.

It is a beautiful metaphor for where I am now: a space of letting go and one of letting come.
In 2014, I let go of my business:  after 13 years of Synnova it was time to both be deeply grateful for what it brought and to recalibrate, welcoming the new. I decided to open up to new beginnings and established Mahieu & Associates, operating mainly from South Africa.
But after having worked in South Africa for some years on an ad hoc basis, I choose now to more consistently support the wonderful people in this amazing and challenging country. For all its challenges, it is a place with a sunny character, unbelievable nature and wildlife, as well as sumptuous Cape wines!

Although Mahieu & Associates will continue part of the work I was formerly doing, the focus has shifted to ‘smaller scale’: the individual, the leader, the team that seeks to align with their purpose and values. The spotlight is also on people and groups outside of business, people in society that long for learning. Mahieu & Associates is not only a ‘business’ , but also an ‘ndaba’, a place where needs and offerings meet, a space where learning and transformation take place, a point of gravity where people transition from wherever they are to become more conscious, authentic and joyful, aligned with their purpose and values, to become the best version of themselves.

As I write, the Universe continues to weave its mysterious fabric. So much is still unknown, and much will remain so. That is the nature of change. I rejoice in the journey, however it unfolds, and hope to find you and others as fellow travellers.

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