Our approach

3. approachx250We aim to co-create with the client instead of consulting. We facilitate learning and transformation processes, thereby working our way into the future.
And in doing so, we build internal capability to enable the organization to own and execute the follow-up processes independently, thereby aiming at sustainable change.
We operate from the following principles:

Organizations are living entities, human systems – Change is always personal. Organizations don’t transform, only people do – starting with the leaders. Through this process, we balance the masculine and feminine energies, not because it is politically correct to do so, but because it pays off for the organization as a whole.

Non-linear process- a transformational and co-creative process is more a journey than a linear implementation roll-out project. We’ll focus on goals and keep pace, while at the same time deeper listening and suspending from action have proven to be crucial.

Although cause and effect analysis is helpful, the meaning and significance of phenomena are taken into account. Undercurrents are more important to set the iceberg afloat, than the winds. The process is often a deep-dive and therefore creates sustainable impact.

Addressing and relating all personal and organizational needs – Not only rational/mental needs, but physical (health and production), emotional (the quality of relationships) and spiritual needs (significance, ethics, collective wisdom, long term vision, societally embedded)

A systemic approach, preferably including all stakeholders – We focus on systemic perspectives and in so doing include the interests of all stakeholders. We aim to support the emergence of another highly effective Firm of Endearment (Sisodia et all, 2007; see also Conscious Capitalism -John Mackey, 2013)

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